Interruptrr is focused on identifying, nourishing, and unleashing female expertise – in traditionally male dominated focus areas such as banking, cyber, defense, economics, engineering, entrepreneurship, finance, investing, national security, nuclear war, science, and technology.

WIIS Blue Book

A Roster of female board candidates, available to institutional members of Women in International Security.

WoX Network

Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy’s women experts network; a non-hierarchical database of women experts in foreign and security policy.

Find a Woman Expert

A free database consisting of profiles of female experts based in Europe. It covers a multitude of sectors and it is constantly growing.

Women/GSM/WoC in Nukes

Twitter list of women, women of color, and gender sexual minority experts in nuclear policy. Maintained by ReThink Media.

Nuclear Women

A multidisciplinary Twitter list of women experts in all things nuclear, maintained by Aditi Verma (@repeatedroots)