Sample SMARTIE Commitments

Champions also undertake three “SMARTIE” commitments that can be accomplished in one year to advance gender equality in the organization’s processes, practices, and policies or in its programmatic work. SMART commitments are Specific, Measurable, Ambitious, Relevant, Timely, Inclusive, and Equitable. Champion’s pledges will be included in the Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy (GCNP) website, and Champions will report on their progress towards these pledges for inclusion in an annual report published by the GCNP.

Below are sample pledges that leaders may consider for inclusion in their additional three pledges. Leaders are encouraged to adapt these pledges (or create new ones) that are appropriate for their organization, ideally with input from a range of voices within the organization. Additionally, leaders are encouraged to develop a baseline understanding for each of the three pledges, so that they can clearly measure how adopting the pledges changes organizational behavior and practices.

Leadership and Accountability
Meetings and Conferences
Media and Media Promotion
Organizational Culture
Programmatic and Field Work
Work-Life Balance