Who We Are

Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy is a leadership network that brings together heads of organizations working in nuclear policy who are committed to break down gender barriers and make gender equity a working reality in their spheres of influence. Gender Champions include Presidents, Directors, and other institutional heads of organizations whose agendas and/or members address nuclear nonproliferation, nuclear weapons policy, nuclear disarmament, nuclear security, nuclear deterrence, nuclear energy, and other related topics. We launched on November 14, 2018 in Washington, DC.

Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy is designed to augment and complement decades of accomplishment in building networks, skills, mentorship, visibility, voice, and community among women working in the nuclear policy field by adding commitment at the leadership level of the nuclear policy sector. The engagement of male and female leaders is critical to the kinds of policy, behavioral, environmental, and cultural changes that are needed to achieve effective gender balance in the nuclear field.

This initiative is inspired by and modeled on the International Gender Champions, who represent the leaders of the United Nations and other International Organizations, Ambassadors accredited to them, and associated civil society and business groups. More information about the International Gender Champions can be found at www.genderchampions.com.