United Nations Association – UK joins Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy


On December 14th, 2023, Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy welcomed the newest member of its leadership network: United Nations Association – UK (UNA UK) Chief Executive Officer, Marissa Conway. Conway became the 85th leader of a nuclear policy organization to join the Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy network, having previously served as a Gender Champion during her tenure at the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy.

As a Gender Champion, Conway will uphold the Panel Parity Pledge, and implement three SMARTIE commitments:

  • Provide transparency to relevant stakeholders about progress the organisation is making towards inclusivity and diversity through quarterly reporting.
  • Avoid participating in or hosting all-male panels.
  • Ensure all applicant pools for recruitment of new positions within the organisation are not single-gender.

Founded in 1945, United Nations Association – UK, or UNA-UK, is a charity that builds movements, provides expert insight, and designs campaigns dedicated to promoting human rights, peace and security, and UN reform. Their work links the local, the national, and the global and centres grassroots power at the heart of all we do.

You can find United Nations Association UK on Twitter @UNAUK Facebook @UNAUK, and LinkedIn @United-Nations-Association-UK