Reports and Articles 

Toolkits and Resources

Mentorship Opportunities 

  • En Voz Alta: Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND) hosts a signature mentorship program for Latina women in the field of peace and security. WAND recruits both mentors and mentees; mentees are early-career professionals or undergraduate/graduate students.
  • Young Women in Nonproliferation Initiative: The James Martin Center for Non-Proliferation Studies hosts a mentorship program for women in undergraduate programs with an interest in careers in nonproliferation.
  • Stanley Center Accelerator Initiative: The Stanley Center for Peace and Security  offers a year long mentorship and professional development program for early-career women working in nuclear, international security, or technology policy.
  • WCAPS Mentorship Program: Women of Color Advancing Peace, Security, and Conflict Transformation hosts a mentorship program offering in-person or remote meetings between mentors and mentees. Participants must be members of WCAPS.
  • Join WIIS – Women in International Security provides an interactive member platform to promote mentorship and networking opportunities.
  • Girl Security  – Girl Security works with high school girls through college to career, employing a phased mentorship model, connecting girls with a student or a professional one-step ahead of them in their advancement. 

List of Female Experts

  • SheSource: Women’s Media Center SheSource is an online database of media-experienced women experts who we connect to journalists, bookers and producers.
  • Women Also Know Stuff: This list’s goal is to promote and publicize the work and expertise of scholars in political science who identify as women. Use this database when writing syllabi; when planning conferences, panels, and speaker series; when citing research; when inviting essays and op-eds; and when identifying experts for articles.
  • SourceList (Women +): Sourcelist is a database of experts in technology policy from diverse backgrounds, built on the principle that technology policymaking stands to benefit from the inclusion of the voices of a broader diversity of people. The list can be filtered by “national security” and “military.”
  • Women in Nonpro (Melissa Hanham): A Twitter list of female experts in nuclear nonproliferation.
  • Women in NatSec (ReThink Defense): A Twitter list of female experts in national security policy.
  • Female Experts on Japan and the Koreas (Anna Fifield): A list of female experts on Japan and the Koreas.
  • WCAPS Expert List: A list of women of color experts divided into 25 areas of specialization, including Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Policy.
  • The Brussels Binder: A free database consisting of profiles of female experts based in Europe. It covers a multitude of sectors and it is constantly growing.
  • WoX Network: Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy’s women experts network; a non-hierarchical database of women experts in foreign and security policy.
  • The WIIS Blue Book – A Roster of female board candidates, available to institutional members of Women in International Security.

List of Relevant Organization

Job Boards

  • Women’s Foreign Policy Network Facebook Group: WFPN posts has a robust weekly jobs thread that reaches 4,600 women in 100 countries.
  • The Management Center ‘Where should I post my open jobs?’: TMC offers tips, strategies, and resources for filling open positions. 
  • DC Queer Exchange Facebook Group: DC Queer Exchange is an online space to share job openings, items and skills for sale/trade/free/wanted, event promotions, networking opportunities, etc. Members must request access to join/post. 
  • GAIN POWER: A virtual networking co-working platform open to all Democratic & Progressive Professionals but intentional in promoting Women, African American, Latinx, Native American, APIA, LGBTQI, and any underrepresented people who make up a majority of our electorate. 
  • INCLUSV: Inclusv is a community of thousands of Black, Indigenous & People of color in politics and advocacy who are dedicated to developing their careers in this field and employers who are committed to strengthening their efforts to make diversity, equity and inclusion a priority in their organizations.