Sir Adam Thomson


  • We will extend the personal panel parity pledge to the whole ELN team so that we all challenge unbalanced panels (as per the terms of the pledge).
  • We will improve gender balance in our commissioning practice. We will survey our performance since June 2017 and then establish a percentage improvement target, preferably 50% of commissioned authors for the ELN website to be female by the 3 month period March-May 2020.
  • We will improve gender balance in all three of our main networks: senior, mid-career (Contact Group) and the Younger Generation Leaders Network (YGLN). We will aim to make the biggest percentage improvement by 1 June 2020 in the network where it is needed most – our senior network.
  • We will improve gender balance on our Executive Board by 1 August 2020 (allowing for the likely timing of AGMs).