• Approve no slate of candidates from the Nominating Committee for any individual Executive Committee position that does not have at least one woman. a. Note: as INMM is a volunteer organization, it may occur that no female volunteer can be identified. In such a case, INMM commits to require a written report from the Nominating Committee Chair on steps taken to avoid the single gender slate, and to provide that report to all members.
  • For the technical program of the Annual Meeting: a. Collect data on the gender diversity of paper presenters and chairs over 2 years; b. Require that proposals for discussion panels or Special Sessions include a list of speakers that are not a single gender.
  • Develop new guidelines for Session Chairs at the Annual Meeting on how to achieve diverse participation in discussion/Q&A sessions by recognizing and encouraging contributions from all genders and ages in the audience; convey this guidance in writing as part of a revised Session Chair Guide and verbally at the daily Speakers’ Breakfast.