• Design and implement a hiring process that actively minimizes gender bias in our recruitment practices, taking an intersectional approach that aims to promote inclusion in the broadest sense across RUSI, led by our HR department. This will include measures around interview panel composition, approaches to shortlisting and interview scoring, and training of interviewers; language and targeting of job adverts; and increased emphasis on flexible working options. Process design and initial implementation to have been completed within six months; further implementation, reinforcement, and assessment of effectiveness to take place subsequently.
  • Aim to improve our research methods and ensure diversity and inclusion in our research publications and outputs. To do so, and with particular emphasis on RUSI’s Proliferation and Nuclear Policy (PNP) programme, we will promote diversity and inclusion when partnering externally, adopt research methods that ensure the diversity of voices quoted, and where possible, ensure the diversity of authorship and peer-review. Working with our Publications Research Editor, we will in our first six months collate best practice and develop realistic approaches to changing our existing practices; in the subsequent six months we will focus on instituting and testing those measures with the aim of deploying them in all PNP projects within the year.
  • Set up Rebalancing Expertise In Defence and Security (REDS), an initiative to promote the work of women in the fields of security and defence and to raise the profile of researchers and practitioners that identify as female in the security and defence space. We will aim to hold three events, physical or virtual, in our first calendar year; establish a dedicated webpage for REDS on the RUSI website within six months; and publish or otherwise feature on that website at least three articles by REDS participants in the following six months.