Al Jubitz

Co-Founder, Jubitz Foundation


  • Achieve an average of 50% women’s participation in a specific number of the organization’s largest public events annually.
  • Collaborate with professional networks and organizations dedicated to the issue of increasing women’s participation to host a specific number of events per year.
  • Commit that every article, op-ed, and blog post produced by the organization that quotes experts and policymakers includes at least one woman’s quote.
  • Ensure every issue (or a set number of articles each year) of an organization’s magazine, blog, or journal includes at least one article with a feminist or gender lens.
  • Increase the number of grants awarded to women-led projects and organizations by 5% until the grant portfolio has gender parity.
  • Ask grantees for data related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, including gender, for their board, staff, and strategy. If possible, provide aggregate/averaged data about the overall portfolio on the foundation’s website.