Lynn Fahselt

Director & Co-Founder, ReThink Media


  • Continue to promote gender and racial diversity as ReThink expands its senior management structure. Increase the ratio of female-identifying board members from 1:2 to 1:1, and maintain 1:2 ratio (or greater) of board members of color, as we double and triple the board size in 2019-20. Maintain or improve 40% female ratio of manager positions in the organization by mid-2020, and increase representation of people of color in management positions to 1/4 or greater.
  • Conduct management-wide and staff-wide bias awareness training on gender and race. This may include training from the Management Center, having all staff take one of the tests on unconscious bias, and/or carrying out workshops for all staff on unconscious bias and inclusive leadership. In addition to our policy of conducting annual 360-degree reviews of all staff, in 2019-20 we will systematize that policy to include the development of a written staff and professional development work plan with each staff member with particular attention to strengthening and positioning the leadership and skills of women and staff of color.
  • In 2018-19 ReThink Media designed and held two media skills trainings tailored to support women and women of color at varying levels of career development within the nuclear policy space. In 2019-20, our goal will be to expand this to four and to continue to dedicate significant staff time to promoting these voices in the media.
  • ReThink Media currently provides all full-time staff with paid maternity and paternity leave, health and retirement benefits, and a paid sabbatical after seven years. We also pay all of our internship and fellowship positions. In 2019-20 our goal will be to formalize and expand our flextime policies and build in opportunities for direct feedback from staff regarding other potential improvements in our work-life policies.