Dr. Vartan Gregorian

President, Carnegie Corporation of New York

Dr Gregorian, a dedicated champion for gender equity, passed away on April 15, 2021


  • Dr. Gregorian, as well as all Corporation staff overseeing nuclear grantmaking, pledge to avoid whenever possible appearing on single-gender panels on nuclear issues.
  • Within our nuclear grantmaking we commit to applying the principles of gender parity embodied in the Panel Parity Pledge to the composition of review panels, juries, and speakers that advise our nuclear grantmaking.
  • Within our nuclear grantmaking we commit to tracking gender balance among our grantees and reporting the results.
  • We commit to circulating a brief survey to our nuclear security grantees to collect information on how they think about and implement gender diversity and to signal that this issue is important to us.
  • Within our nuclear security portfolio, we commit to soliciting more proposals with a gender lens, and to encouraging greater gender balance within new and existing projects. We will report the results of this effort.